Cat Tien Jungle Lodge invites Vietnam adventure travelers and everyone to discover nature’s mysteries, appreciate its splendors, bask in its wonders and if you are passionate about nature conservation, to join us in our effort to protect and preserve it for the future. Jungle Lodge is next to the Cat Tien National Park, about 150 km North-East (about 2½ hours drive) from Ho Chi Minh City.

Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is one of six biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam. Here visitors can find one of only two Ramsar wetland areas in Vietnam (@ Bau Sau / Crocodile Lake). The Park is home to a large verity of beautiful birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazingly rich biodiversity of a tropical rainforest that seethe with wildlife when you venture into its bosom. There is also a small community of ethnic minority people from Stieng, Tay & Ma tribe living in the surrounding boundaries of the Park.

Cat Tien National Park also holds a reserve for Vietnam’s natural plant & animal gene pool where rare and endemic fauna & flora is preserved within the park’s landmass of 71.920 hectors. Its unique terrain, climate and the ability to accommodate up to five different types of forests are factors that have made Cat Tien National Park the home to a diverse range of plants and animal species. The Park links the South Truong Son Highland with the South Delta land range to form this special ecosystem.

Jungle Lodge Story

The idea that started the Jungle Lodge journey began with Gary Leong – one of its founding members, who continues to be a regular visitor of Cat Tien National Park.  Since 1996, whenever he was free from corporate business work or travel, Gary would spend time bird watching, path finding, mountain biking or simply camping out with the forest rangers in the Park.

Realizing that the world’s natural sites & ecosystems are being devastated by over population, greed or the lack of understanding in nature preservation, Gary set his mission to be an instrument to foster better appreciation & preservation of our natural world.

When we know more about mother nature, the less we will be fearful of her, and the deeper we will come to appreciate her beauty & wonders. Only when one becomes more connected with nature, we would then be drawn to her and hopefully, this will motivate people to help preserve & protect our natural world & its inhabitants.

The above ideals will be hard to achieve without the involvement of our second founding member – Duong Thi Ngoc Phuong. “Chi Phuong”as she is popularly known, is the task master cum trouble shooter without whom, our Jungle Lodge would have faced difficulties in getting started. Chi Phuong’s initial reservation to participate in a project next to a major jungle of Vietnam began to evolve after her many visits to the Park. Her awareness of the Park’s natural beauty & the clean countryside living became a convincing reason to be more engaged with the project.

When you visit us, try catching Gary or Chi Phuong or our enthusiastic team of likeminded managers for a friendly chat. We not only see being part of the Jungle Lodge as an opportunity to be close to a beautiful Park, we also  expound the values that Jungle Lodge is to deliver to our guests & customers. And that is to be “Your Window Into Nature”.