Cat Tien Jungle Lodge invites adventure travellers & everyone to discover nature’s mysteries, appreciate its splendors, bask in its wonders and if you are passionate about nature conservation, to join us in our effort to protect & preserve it for the future. Jungle Lodge is next to the Cat Tien National Park, about 150 km North-East (about 2½ hours drive) from Ho Chi Minh City.

The establishment of Wild World Ltd which owns & operates Cat Tien Jungle Lodge & Farm Stay follows the desire of its founding members (Gary & Phuong) to create awareness in protecting Vietnam’s wildlife & biodiversity. We hope to be able to cultivate the exploration spirit in each of us and to bring about the appreciation of our natural world when discovering the flora & faunas @Cat Tien National Park. In providing clean, friendly & comfortable facilities to our guest, we hope to be able to offer a hospitable platform to our customers whenever they make a visit to the National Park

We strive to operate our lodges in an energy efficient way by using solar heaters, natural lighting, spring water & wind forces to supplement the energy consumption of our guest & our facilities. We also grow our own vegetables & fruit trees to supplement the food consumption of our staff and customers. We adopt the Bio Dynamic Method when growing our fruit trees & vegetables and we avoid using industrial chemicals, pesticide, fungicide & fertilizers in our planting process. We also offer our guest the choice to consume healthy free range chicken, ducks and other protein sources raised by the local community at Nam Cat Tien Village. This forms part of our plan to promote spiritual & physical wellness for our guest as well as to help increase the economic income of the people in our area.

Our Vision

To operate Cat Tien Jungle Lodge & Farm Stay to be ‘Your Window Into Nature’. Together our journey is to discover & uncover nature’s mysteries, appreciate its splendor as well as to protect & preserve it for the future.

Our Mission

1. To provide our guest & customers a comfortable, friendly and delightful experience when @Jungle Lodge & Farm Stay.
2. To discover & learn about the wonders of nature and to share its beauty & importance to the people we come in contact with.
3. To deliver perfection in all that we do despite knowing we lived in quite an imperfect world.
4. To empower the communities we work with towards better understanding of nature so as to foster respect & sustainable economic utilization of our natural resources.
5. To collaborate with liked minded individuals & organizations towards the preservation of our natural environment and all living organisms within it.
6. To awaken our inner being to be in harmony with nature and not to put a financial value into everything that we do.
7. To develop our peoples’ capacity so that each member of our team can reach our full human potential to thrive &
8. To provide an equitable investment return to our shareholders who have entrusted us to operate a viable business entity.


In our aspiration to build an eco friendly + sustainable entity, our founders had determined that aside from operating Cat Tien Jungle Lodge & Farm Stay, the organization must also assist the community – living around the National Park’s buffer zone, to be economically stable. Only when this goal is achieved (combining with Wild World – Wildlife Protection Initiatives + the efforts by others to help elevate poverty or raise conservation awareness), can we have a chance to eliminate subsistence hunting of bush meat or the cutting down of trees inside the National Park.Wild World – Community Development Programs is aimed specifically to raise the financial income of the people around Cat Tien National Park through activities & spin-offs from our eco tourism promotion. Our task is relative straight forward although the commitment from Wild World Ltd towards our CDPs will be long term.

We aim to reduce the pressure on wildlife trapping and exploitation of natural resources within Cat Tien National Park by initiating, supporting, promoting & engaging in the following activities with the people living around the buffer zone of Cat Tien National Park:

Currently Being Deployed

1. Promotion of locally grown & made chocolate products + cocoa liquor to our guest.
2. Package & promoting coffee, pepper & other cash crop grown in our area to visitors @Nam Cat Tien.
3. Purchase locally cultivated rice, vegetables & fruits for the consumption of our staff & customers.
4. Purchase & consume locally raised (free range) poultry & farmed meat products for the consumption of our staff & customers.
5. Organize visits to the cottage industries located around the Park’s buffer zone (ie: silk worm farming, fruit orchards, poultry farms, rice wine brewery, etc..) as part of our local guided tours.
6. Promote the local hair saloons services to our guest.
7. Hire & usage of local boats for our river tour activities.
8. Hire or engage local nature guides for our tour programs.
9. Employ the majority of our staff from the local community.
10. Provide exposure & training opportunities to our staff & local people on how to be more eco friendly & productive.
11. Engage local services for the technical needs of the organization whenever appropriate.
12. Provide English classes for the local community to build up their capacity & knowledge.

Future Deployment

1. Raise honey bees to help pollinate & produce wild honey from the jungle for sale to visitors @Nat Cat Tien (ie: good for the jungle, its wildlife & the local community).
2. Promote ‘catch & release’ fishing tours for our guest by local fisherman (ie: in natural pond, lakes or wild river areas).
3. Initiate & develop a ‘Farmers Market’ to promote direct trade between local farmers and visitors @Nam Cat Tien.
4. Initiate & promote local handicraft & souvenir products to visitors @Nam Cat Tien.
5. Cultivate local musical talent to enable live music entertainment @Nam Cat Tien.
6. Initiate, assist, promote & support ‘Home Stay’ offerings by local families to visiting tourist.
7. Conduct ‘Wildlife & Nature Guide – Training Courses’ to help local people secure jobs as nature guides.
8. To continue having open discussions with the community on ways that we can contribute to improve the economic wellbeing of the locals people.